I was visiting a friend in Paris when the verdict of the EU referendum was announced (Don’t worry I did my postal vote weeks before).

Feeling completely mortified by what had happened we walked the beautiful streets of Paris. A sense of loss or mourning struck me as we walked around, looking at streets that perhaps my own children will not be so free to step on.

With this sadness came appreciation, even if it is now only for the next two years, appreciation for what we have, the freedom to visit such beautiful cities and cultures with such ease.



I can’t know that those that voted leave will or won’t regret the choice they made, but I can know that I will try my best to stay optimistic and hopeful, that us 48% remainers won’t forget our reasons for voting, and will strive to keep those values alive and at the forefront of our politics.




Oh the things i’ve seen.

I have been going on a lot of little adventures recently and here are a few photographs I have taken, just on my digital camera.

There are so many beautiful things around us if we look hard enough!

I know it sounds strange but I think I will be  taking a lot more photographs now I have finished uni, it feels much easier to do now.

Nancy Holt

I have very recently been looking at land art. The majority of land art is on a large scale and is hugely impressive even if you don’t particularly like the work.

An artist who’s work stood out to me because of it’s simplicity and beauty was the work of Nancy Holt called ‘Sun Tunnels’.
The tunnels are installed in the Great Basin Dessert, in Utah.

She placed the four concrete tubes in specific locations to be oriented with the sun in certain positions.

Each tunnel had holes within it’s self. As the sun shines through it create constellations Draco, Perseus, Columba and Capricornus.

Holt is quoted to say “I wanted to bring the vast space of the desert back to human scale” and her work does just that, as i’m sure you can recollect when you have looked at a grand open landscape and found that sometimes it is hard to take it all in. When looking through the sun tunnels your vision is focused on the landscape.

If you are lucky enough to be there on the week of the 21st of December or 21st of June the sun shines right through the tunnels creating a mesmeric moment.

If for some reason i am ever in Utah I will make sure I see these beautiful additions to the landscape.

Have a lovely day. x