Instantly awesome

I was given this amazing camera as a gift this October and have been having so much fun with it, much to the annoyance of those around me who have become my subject matter!

It is an Piano Black Instax mini 5OS, where my other polaroid cameras have a retro charm in the bulky chunkiness this one is definitely their elegant cousin!
It uses Fuji Instax mini film so it has been lovely to be making tiny work again.
If you take a look at my old work you will see I have used it before but in a very different way!

The camera is not only a beautiful piece equipment, but is so easy to use and does what you tell it to.
The film, though expensive in the fancy pants lomography shops, is actually not that bad when you buy in bulk from ebay. It works out about 44p a print.
Some people do struggle with the viewfinder as it doesn’t directly show you what you get, this is easy to get used to and a truly wonderful bit of machinery to make art with.

The thing I love most is that it doesn’t allow for excuses, it is so simple and easy to  use that there is no reasons in the world that can stop you photographing!


Mini Golden Dreams

Some of you may remember a while ago I blogged about my new Golden Half camera, well it isn’t new anymore and I finally got around to developing the films!
I am super pleased with the results of my clever little camera.
Take a look! : )


Some how I think the cameras style has made any situation atmospheric.
The combining of the prints brings out strengths in each, even the last two photographs one where the light has bled through to join the two negatives somehow, and one which included a large chunk of my finger, somhow manages to bring out the pink the photograph next to it, and these mistakes make for lovely pairings.

I really like them, I hope you do to0!