Arriving somewhere beautiful… forgetting your camera.

As you might have guessed from the title, I went to a very beautiful little seaside village in Wales but forgot my cameras, that horrible realisation that I’d left my specially selected cameras on the side at home was something I didn’t stop going on about.

However I had to make do with my truly terrible old camera phone, whilst in my head trying to treat it like a lovely old manual camera (with absolutely no settings) and see the challenge in it.

Here are the results.







As tempting as it was none of these are edited in photoshop to show the true results of what I was working with.
I’d not do this again on purpose but I am pleased with the final results and I will definitely have to go back with a good camera!



A View on Spring

Although the sun seems to have gone for a rest for now the plants and flowers don’t seem to have noticed and are still out and as beautiful as ever.

Blossom House- Does the blossom make the house look beautiful or the house the blossom?
Through the tree- even looking through the trees at a cloudy sky is beautiful!
Here they come- The bluebells are already out in some places! beautiful!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! x