London Polaroids

It has been strange getting used to the huge craziness that is London but taking photographs has been my way of making it small again.

Here is a selection of Polaroid’s that have helped me make London a more manageable place to be!









Hope you like them. I’m sure there will be many more . The bigger London gets, the more I want to make it into tiny pocket sized photographs.


One week to go, new work to show!

SO! My uni course mates and I have our night of artists talks coming up in one week!
I’ve recently started on a new body of work, some of which I will be showing next week and i’d love to get your views on it and any questions you have so I can know what to speak about in my talk to make it interesting!
Also, this will be a definite spoiler for those coming to view my 6 minutes of the talk next week!

With this work I am creating rooms of light, small glimpses of a poetic moment. For me this light represents the fragility of life.
Each space as you may or may not have guessed is a room within a dolls house. Susan Stewart in her book ‘On Longing’ said this of the dollhouse

‘Occupying a space within an en-closed space, the dollhouse’s aptest analogy is the locket of the secret recesses of the heart: center within centre, within within within, The dollhouse is a materialized secret.’ pg 61

In each small pocket I am capturing this moment, forcing the viewer  perhaps unknowingly, to see this space as a room and unknowingly use their imaginations to make it a real space to belong within. The viewer is able to put themselves within the image and feel at home in the intimate miniature spaces, able to reflect or day dream.

Gaston Bachelard in, ‘The poetics of space’ wrote on the house as,

‘More than an embodiment of home, it is also an embodiment of dreams. Each one of its nooks and corners was a resting-place for daydreaming’ pg 15

So that is a small summery of my work at the moment and my ideas!
Your thoughts and comments will be very welcome! Thank you in advance!  x