Adventure for adventures sake

It’s easy to find adventure when you’re away on holiday. What’s more rewarding is to find it a walk/drive or train ride away. The thought that you can find such beautiful views, heart pounding risks, and new experiences, just on your weekends is kind of amazing.


















When things get a bit much, and you’re living with your week days rushing past you as a small bundle chaos, there is nothing better than a little escape to get some perspective. I’d recommend it to anyone.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

– Jack Kerouac


The photographs above were taken in Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

Highs and lows, ins and outs

This is the last of my posts on Morocco alone, not to say it won’t feature in future posts as it has been so easy to write about what I’ve photographed there.

Lasting impressions remain thoughtfulness of character in the people, organic pure colour in the daily landscape and intrigue in the culture. There is a brightness of colour even from the beautiful ramshackle buildings, there remains mesmerising deep black volcanic rocks, and moving always, the most vivid of bright orange sands next to the perfectly opposite blue sky.




You can choose to see everything or nothing, (if you’re really not looking hard enough). I’d suggest everything, or at least as much as your eyes can take in.

Detailed impressions

Morocco was somewhere I’d wanted to go since I was very young. It’s crazy how unbelievably close this beautiful enchanting african country is. Visiting last year, my expectations were easily exceeded and I’m sure I barely scratched the surface of this unbelievable place.


First and last impressions of this beautiful place were the constant thoughtful details in the small things and the more deeply you looked the more there was to find. Both in the physical day to day you see here in the beautiful craftsmanship but also so strongly in the people.


As usual all photographs taken by myself. The photographs shown here were taken in Casablanca, Telouet, Marrakech and Essaouira

Shapes and Surprises

Pt4 The land in Peru held all kinds of surprises, from incredibly delicious passion fruits, to crazy unique landscapes and ingenious methods of agriculture – some ancient, some still running as family businesses… oh and some pretty cool animals!







DSC_0550 2.jpg


This little guy is a baby spectacled bear! Never thought I’d see a wild bear with my own eyes, it really was an awesome moment, and not just because we’d reached the top of a mountain!

Lands of potential

Pt3 One of the things that amazed me so much about Peru was the diversity in the environment.
In a matter of hours we went from snow capped mountains to sweaty jungle.
Along with the change in temperature the people change, and the way they use the land around them.









When faced with these environments I worry I wouldn’t know where to start, where to let my pigs and Llamas roam!? Where to put up a pylon for my electricity?
The Peruvian people we met on our trip and those who’s lives we hiked past really are so resourceful and hardworking.

Interrupting Pachamama

My friends and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Peru this September and I took several hundred photographs. I did my best to cut these images down and it was tough but i’ve done what I hope is a good edit, and will be sharing in a series of blog posts over the next few weeks.

I really hope you like them, and most importantly I hope they give a sense of the beautiful yet ramshackle, perfectly engineered yet crumbling country that is Peru.





P.s I hope you like the new template of the blog!

Copenhagen or Merchant’s Harbor

I always take as many camera’s away with me as I can fit in my bags. (Unless of course I forget altogether see my last post for the results of that!)
This post will compare digital images with polaroids taken whilst in Copenhagen in March.
The digital camera I took with me is the Lumix DMC-LX100. I enjoyed the ease of my little compact digital camera light weight and quick, it’s got a great lens for such a tiny camera.

I used it as a point and shoot, the display screen off, I think I do this to make myself feel more like i’m still using a film camera.
There is something precious about relying on your eye in the moment, and not knowing exactly what you’ve got as your final product.

Photography is all about the edit, but it’s nice to spend your time and patience thinking about the photograph your trying to take in that moment, rather than taking 40 of the same shot just because you can.







I also took along my polaroid camera which is my pride and joy, far more bulky and awkward to carry but so worth it. Made all the more beautiful some white framed circle aperture film from Impossible project. Just dreamy! There’s very little control with a polaroid, the model I use does have light and distance settings though i’m not 100% they actually work! It is the simplicity of a polaroid that is what I find so magical and I think is the reason it can produce some really unique images.










I think my preference is clear i’m polaroid all the way… for it’s charm and simplicity.

Which camera would you take?