I always take as many camera’s away with me as I can fit in my bags. (Unless of course I forget altogether see my last post for the results of that!)
This post will compare digital images with polaroids taken whilst in Copenhagen in March.
The digital camera I took with me is the Lumix DMC-LX100. I enjoyed the ease of my little compact digital camera light weight and quick, it’s got a great lens for such a tiny camera.

I used it as a point and shoot, the display screen off, I think I do this to make myself feel more like i’m still using a film camera.
There is something precious about relying on your eye in the moment, and not knowing exactly what you’ve got as your final product.

Photography is all about the edit, but it’s nice to spend your time and patience thinking about the photograph your trying to take in that moment, rather than taking 40 of the same shot just because you can.







I also took along my polaroid camera which is my pride and joy, far more bulky and awkward to carry but so worth it. Made all the more beautiful some white framed circle aperture film from Impossible project. Just dreamy! There’s very little control with a polaroid, the model I use does have light and distance settings though i’m not 100% they actually work! It is the simplicity of a polaroid that is what I find so magical and I think is the reason it can produce some really unique images.










I think my preference is clear i’m polaroid all the way… for it’s charm and simplicity.

Which camera would you take?

As you might have guessed from the title, I went to a very beautiful little seaside village in Wales but forgot my cameras, that horrible realisation that I’d left my specially selected cameras on the side at home was something I didn’t stop going on about.

However I had to make do with my truly terrible old camera phone, whilst in my head trying to treat it like a lovely old manual camera (with absolutely no settings) and see the challenge in it.

Here are the results.







As tempting as it was none of these are edited in photoshop to show the true results of what I was working with.
I’d not do this again on purpose but I am pleased with the final results and I will definitely have to go back with a good camera!


Wavey Things


An awesome friend of mine is exhibiting her clay hip hop stars along with some super cool skate decks and customised clothing.


I went along to the private view and was blown away by the variety of skills on display. You can go and visit today and tomorrow if you’re in Dalston, London it’s showing at Doomed Gallery on Ridley Road, Saturday 1st October 12-8 pm, Sunday 2nd October 12-8 pm.


Bans is an extremely talented illustrator who’s work is for sale at insanely good prices. This is actually affordable art, it won’t be for long.

If you like what you see take a look here:


I recently suggested an idea for a short photography project to a close friend of mine who is also a photographer.
Our challenge was to take a photograph at a similar time of day of a similar occurrence/life event. I wanted this to show the vast differences in our lives, (She was in Israel at the time and I am London based) and at the same time also pointing out how our life routines meant that we fall into the same patterns even if they look quite different!


These photo composites are the result.
Photography by myself Kat Williams and Daisy Matthewman












I hope you found them as interesting to look at as we did to make.



I was visiting a friend in Paris when the verdict of the EU referendum was announced (Don’t worry I did my postal vote weeks before).

Feeling completely mortified by what had happened we walked the beautiful streets of Paris. A sense of loss or mourning struck me as we walked around, looking at streets that perhaps my own children will not be so free to step on.

With this sadness came appreciation, even if it is now only for the next two years, appreciation for what we have, the freedom to visit such beautiful cities and cultures with such ease.



I can’t know that those that voted leave will or won’t regret the choice they made, but I can know that I will try my best to stay optimistic and hopeful, that us 48% remainers won’t forget our reasons for voting, and will strive to keep those values alive and at the forefront of our politics.



It’s about time.


Seeing as it has been a while since my last post I thought it would be apt to show you all a series of photographs I created recently with time as the theme.



Carnation Mary

What would represent time to you?

London Polaroids


It has been strange getting used to the huge craziness that is London but taking photographs has been my way of making it small again.

Here is a selection of Polaroid’s that have helped me make London a more manageable place to be!









Hope you like them. I’m sure there will be many more . The bigger London gets, the more I want to make it into tiny pocket sized photographs.

Have You Seen….


Andrew Osokin

Andrew Osokin



Kyoko Hamada


Viviane Dalles

Viviane Dalles


Roksana Mical

Roksana Mical



I hope you have seen something you like? I did.

Have a wonderful weekend.


A Snowy Sea



The grey sea and sky merged together to create one beautiful spectrum of shaded greys.


Snow settled on the pebble beach, halted by the sea. The white beach was an unusual sight.

Instantly awesome


I was given this amazing camera as a gift this October and have been having so much fun with it, much to the annoyance of those around me who have become my subject matter!

It is an Piano Black Instax mini 5OS, where my other polaroid cameras have a retro charm in the bulky chunkiness this one is definitely their elegant cousin!
It uses Fuji Instax mini film so it has been lovely to be making tiny work again.
If you take a look at my old work you will see I have used it before but in a very different way!

The camera is not only a beautiful piece equipment, but is so easy to use and does what you tell it to.
The film, though expensive in the fancy pants lomography shops, is actually not that bad when you buy in bulk from ebay. It works out about 44p a print.
Some people do struggle with the viewfinder as it doesn’t directly show you what you get, this is easy to get used to and a truly wonderful bit of machinery to make art with.

The thing I love most is that it doesn’t allow for excuses, it is so simple and easy to  use that there is no reasons in the world that can stop you photographing!

Déjà vu


After an incredible amount of planning and hard labour my MA final exhibition is finally here!
I collected my final prints from Spectrum on Friday and they were hanging on the walls (thanks to the fantastic technicians from Brighton uni!) by 11am.
It was with incredible relief that I stood back and looked at my work.
Then began the nerves, wondering what everyone else will think!

Our Private view is THIS Friday the 14th of September!
The exhibition runs till the following Friday the 21st of September


Take a look on our website to read about all the photographers (including me) that are taking part, we have all worked so hard for this and I am so grateful to all the other photographers on my course.

We have had huge support for our exhibition and are so grateful to everyone for their help throughout.

Check out some of the people who have taken the time to share our work with others.

It would be wonderful to see you there!

New Arrival


Now I haven’t written a blog post in a while and something rather wonderful has happened in-between then and now.
My remarkable sister gave birth to my new nephew, and our family is now one person and one generation bigger!
He is a wonderful tiny parcel of love and is probably the most incredible thing I have ever seen! (I am sliiiiiiiightly biased!)
Another new addition to my photographic life is a rather clever 100mm macro lense for the cannon 5D. I am borrowing it from my university to start on a new section of my uni project.
I just HAD to take a few classic baby photographs of my wonderful nephew!

© Copyright Kat Williams 2012

© Copyright Kat Williams 2012

© Copyright Kat Williams 2012

© Copyright Kat Williams 2012

I can’t wait to watch this little man grown up and hopefully catch it all on camera! x

SO! My uni course mates and I have our night of artists talks coming up in one week!
I’ve recently started on a new body of work, some of which I will be showing next week and i’d love to get your views on it and any questions you have so I can know what to speak about in my talk to make it interesting!
Also, this will be a definite spoiler for those coming to view my 6 minutes of the talk next week!

With this work I am creating rooms of light, small glimpses of a poetic moment. For me this light represents the fragility of life.
Each space as you may or may not have guessed is a room within a dolls house. Susan Stewart in her book ‘On Longing’ said this of the dollhouse

‘Occupying a space within an en-closed space, the dollhouse’s aptest analogy is the locket of the secret recesses of the heart: center within centre, within within within, The dollhouse is a materialized secret.’ pg 61

In each small pocket I am capturing this moment, forcing the viewer  perhaps unknowingly, to see this space as a room and unknowingly use their imaginations to make it a real space to belong within. The viewer is able to put themselves within the image and feel at home in the intimate miniature spaces, able to reflect or day dream.

Gaston Bachelard in, ‘The poetics of space’ wrote on the house as,

‘More than an embodiment of home, it is also an embodiment of dreams. Each one of its nooks and corners was a resting-place for daydreaming’ pg 15

So that is a small summery of my work at the moment and my ideas!
Your thoughts and comments will be very welcome! Thank you in advance!  x

Pecha Kucha


On my MA we have have been offered the opportunity to take part in a Pecha Kucha presentation evening that will be taking place in Brighton on Wednesday 9th May at The Old Market in Brighton.

For those of you who aren’t sure what I am talking about when I say Pecha Kucha, I will explain. It was something terrifyingly introduced to me when I started my MA as a way of us all introducing ourselves on our first day!

The format of Pecha Kucha goes like this- It is a 20×20 format, you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images you choose for your presentation automatically move on after 20 seconds and you speak (fluidly and interestingly of course) along with each image.

Here is one I found on their website which is a clever and funny canadian artist-
This presentation was presented by Diana Thorneycroft at Winnipeg #7.

So all of us on the MA that are graduating this year are taking part, 15 in total, all giving a presentation on our work and inspirations and anything that has helped us along the way.

I am going to be speaking about my current work, which is exciting but extremely nerve wracking as I haven’t shown many people it at all, (not even on here!) so it will be pretty scary.

I am going to post some of my new work on here before the 9th of May event. So if once you see it, it poses any questions to you that you think would be interesting to answer in my presentation, they would be fantastic to hear!

The event has been organised by an extremely nice man called Jim Stephenson.
He runs photography focused talks and events in Brighton called miniclick, take a look!

This is link is to the page that is all about our night so it tells you a little about each of us and anything I have forgotten to say will most likely be covered there, you can look back at past events as well as future.

If you happen to be in Brighton on that date, please do come along if you like the sound of it.
You can get a ticket here from TheOldMarket website.

I think it’s going to be really interesting and inspiring to watch everyone talk.
What would you do spend your 6 minutes and 40 seconds talking about?



I was really lucky to get to go on a Photography trip to Barcelona recently with seven of my course mates. We had a fantastic time and got to see some incredible sights. I got to see a Christian Boltanski piece and  a Rineke Dijkstra from her ‘Young mothers’ series, both of which was very inspiring.On our first day when we were on our way out of our apartment, I Spotted this logo on one of the buildings opposite.

We all thought what a strange coincidence it was to have gone on a photography trip and to have accidentally ended up staying over the road from a pretty unique polaroid shop.

For those of you who don’t know abou the Impossible project here is a little summary of what they do.

‘In October 2008 The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede (NL) and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. In 2010 Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various, brand new and unique instant films.’

Now with an entire shop to choose from I just didn’t know what to do with myself but after much deliberating I decided to buy myself some on the newer unique polaroid that they were selling. Though very tempted by the Gold framed stuff, I got myself this little box.

This is black and white, silvershade, Polaroid film, with a black frame!!
I haven’t used it yet, it’s still exactly like this in the box waiting to be opened!!
Here is an example of it given on the Impossible website.

I can’t wait to use mine, and when I do I will put it up on here as soon as possible! (No pun intended!) What would you use this film to take a photograph of?


Mini Golden Dreams


Some of you may remember a while ago I blogged about my new Golden Half camera, well it isn’t new anymore and I finally got around to developing the films!
I am super pleased with the results of my clever little camera.
Take a look! : )


Some how I think the cameras style has made any situation atmospheric.
The combining of the prints brings out strengths in each, even the last two photographs one where the light has bled through to join the two negatives somehow, and one which included a large chunk of my finger, somhow manages to bring out the pink the photograph next to it, and these mistakes make for lovely pairings.

I really like them, I hope you do to0!

Perhaps it is only brief but I think this moment of sunshine needs to be celebrated, especially after the crazy wind and rain we have had over the last few days.
It feels like years ago I posted about the last day of sunshine and today is giving me that sunshine feeling once again!!
Could it be that summer is on it’s way again?

I took a couple of Polaroids to celebrate!


'Sunshine condensation'


'Sunshine Sky' Brighton 2012'

: ) x

Merry Christmas!
I love the website: awkwardfamilyphotos.com and I happen to be writing an essay on the family portrait at the moment, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few very weird and very funny photographs with you!

I have of course chosen the Christmas ones as it is that wonderful time of year!

uuhhh, whaaaattt?




"uuuh thank you.... it's just what I wanted??"


Like you do!!


So good, wish I could get that star costume!



So Cute


Definitely the most creepy but I think it might be my favourite one!

I hope you love them and become super addicted to the website like I am!!
I’m sure these remind you of ones you hold in your own personal collection, though these are perhaps a little more odd!
Merry Christmas! x

Anni Leppälä


Anni Leppälä is a photographer that I think I have only just discovered. I say i think, because I feel like I have seen her images before, perhaps they mean more to me now and that is why I am sharing them with you now and not then. Or possibly, that familiarity is something in the quality of the images.

Leppälä’s work statement drew many parallels with my own work motives, so I am possibly a little biased! However, I think her work is absolutely stunning.

From the series Possibility of Constancy, (Curtains with Birds), 2005

Reading, 2010

From the series Seedlings, (Bird), 2004

Linna / Castle (Ark), 2010

“Photographs are like fixed points in the process of change and alteration, they give a chance of observing and allow the viewer to step closer. One can gather trust and confidence in recognising them but simultaneously photographs have another kind of nature; a side turning towards the invisible and the unidentified. What finally becomes recognised can be something “outside” of the image, something out of sight – something imperceptible. In this momentary experience something is revealed which is not “that-has-been” but rather something that exists and is present now and here. In my pictures, attempts in recognising and lighting of obscure and vague movements, are made visible. I want to approach the momentariness of living through constancy. The paradox is that when you try to conserve or protect a moment by stopping it, by photographing it, you inevitably lose it at the same time. Objects and spaces can occur to be like transparent routes between the inside and the outside, between the seen surface and unconscious content. How to stop a feeling, a memory? By binding it to visible objects, facades of material things, attaching it to a room´s walls, the surface of photographs. Like translucent skin with unforeseen memories beneath.”

– Anni Leppälä

Mirror (Green room), 2010

Door with light, 2010

Curtain in mirror, 2011

Curtain in mirror, 2011

You may have noticed I included a few more photographs than I normally do, this is because Leppälä’s work varies greatly in location and composition but somehow she has enabled her concept to come across in each setting.

I hope you like them as much as I do. x

The last few weeks have been spent coming up with a new project idea.  This project involved the use of super 8 film and that film being shown with a projector.
My first task was of course, to get hold of a camera. I started looking on Ebay, and soon realised that if I wanted to buy one I would be looking at around £50 for a decent working  piece of equipment!
Next stop, other photographers. I’m sure all photographers will have experienced this, the second you tell someone you are a photographer someone will inform you that they have “an old one lying around” and ask you if you want it.
For a super 8 however, that was not the case.
I was very lucky that two lovely women on my course had both had this super 8 need before me and both taken the leap and bought one!

These are the two beautiful super 8 cameras I have been lent!! (I would use the bag for the top one just as my normal bag!! It’s so nice)

When you buy super 8 film online, it will cost you around £12 a cartridge (generally this place is good value http://www.7dayshop.com/ ).
Buying the film is really easy and if you know how to use the super 8 camera, so is the filming.

Then things started to become pretty impossible!
Although thanks to this amazing website (Which is pretty much a super 8 encyclopedia): http://homepage.mac.com/onsuper8/process.html I was able to find out huge amounts of insider info.

It was on this website that I realised I was not going to get my film made in time. There are just three place I have found in England listed that process super 8, the majority take around 4 weeks to process and the price is up to them, it is after all a very rare service they are offering.

I don’t want to put any one off super 8, it is a beautiful film style, however I will say to anyone in England, (during all this research I discovered that the processing is quite quickly and easily done in Germany) that if you want to shoot super 8, allow your self at least 2 months from start to finish!!

I have sadly had to abort my super 8 dreams for this project as I ran out of money, but mostly I ran out of time. I am determined to create something using it very soon,  I just wont be setting myself a deadline this time!