I am a photographer who’s work (if you were to put me in a box) could be described as being fine art. I feel this is nessasary to say though perhaps it shouldn’t be..

I have recently graduated from the Arts University College in Bournemouth with a Photography Ba (Hons) and am now continuing with my photography onto a Masters course at the University of Brighton.

My work has always followed a theme and that theme is love. I have only just come to realise this and this revelation has lead me deeper into my work and has let me understand why I have always created work that is small and delicate.

I am creating this blog in order to plot my work throughout it’s production. That way hopefully I will be able to follow my work as it develops and I will be able to do this from an outsiders perspective.

This is the first time I have publicly shown my work and expressed my thoughts, so it is going to be a very strange experiment for me that I hope will encourage development in my work.

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. sam said

    i love this blog

  2. I also love this blog =D
    Some fantastic finds indeed, please keep this up!

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