Things I find myself saying as I search for a job.

I have been very slow at writing blog posts so far this year, for this I blame the unenviable task of looking for a job! I graduated officially in February of this year but have been searching for a job since October! I just can’t believe it!!
Now i’m not saying I am super amazing and I should have been snapped up straight away. What I am saying is that I have worked really hard to get the qualifications I have, and right now I am not using any of them. I know many of us are frustrated with this and this blog post isn’t really an answer but just a little note to say, I know what you mean! So here we go…


No I can not work full time unpaid for six months, I have rent and food to pay for.

No I do not have 3-4 years experience in a similar job role. I have been finishing my qualifications which you also require!

Why is the salary dependant on experience only, what about the knowledge and skills I have been painstakingly learning for the last 4 years!

Why when the only filter I put on a job search is my location am I told ‘We don’t have anything that meets your criteria”

Why didn’t I just do web design!?!

No I will not take this unpaid photography job so I can ‘add it to my portfolio’.

If I don’t have experience I can’t get a job if I don’t have a job I can’t get experience…. hmmmm.

Now I really don’t like to be negative, but when you’re looking for a job these things can really get to you. Rather than this being a cross moany post, its more just so other people in this situation know they are not alone!


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