Things to remember in 2013

When you are at an in between stage in your life, waiting to get a job, trying to work out what career you want, hoping to move somewhere new, it is easy to forget who you are, and what makes you YOU. For some reason it is easy to get on with day to day tasks without doing the things we love.


My resolution for this year is not to forget the things I love, even when general boring life stuff takes over.

For me these things are.

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Photography

  4. Music

  5. Learning new things.





What would your top five things be?


One comment

  1. My top five things for 2013 would be:
    1. Enjoy my Family, 2. Find more time for my Friends, 3. Try to be confident enough so as to try/do new things. 4. Find time to say Hello! 5. Enjoy the moment and stop worrying!

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